Japanese food at highest level

Elegant simplicity, perfection and harmony

Welcome at 26 Shibuya, a modern stylish Japanese restaurant. We are well known for our huge range of wines, our high level grill specialities and our perfect famous Sushi creations.

Köstlichkeiten im Shibuya Restaurant Berlin

Perfect Japanese art of cooking

Japanese Food

26 Sibuya stands for traditional Japanese art of cooking in a modern ambience. We offer Japanese classics like Miso soup, Udon and Sushi in all variations of shape, colour and taste. Meat and fish – freshly prepared on the grill – are the highlights of the new Berlin fashionable cuisine. Special recommendations of our chef are creative, rich and decorative. Sake, homemade fruit cocktails and a huge range of wine will bring you a special lifestyle feeling.


Wine and Sushi

The combination of colour, bouquet and taste

16 Shibuya is a Japanese restaurant. We are specialised in delicious Sushi creations and juicy grill specialities. The perfect completion for our high quality Japanese delicacies are the perfect accompanying wines. In our international wine list you will find the best qualities and wine-growing estates of the corresponding region: Bordeaux or Médoc, Rheinhessen or Mosel, Apulia or Tuscany, Priorat or Rioja.

You may choose your wine corresponding to your Sushi dish or your Sushi dish corresponding to the chosen wine. Deep red like tuna Sushi with a full-bodied red wine, lucent mother-of-pearl effect like Kanpanchi Sashimi or a white wine like the colour of scallops, a chilly fresh Condrieu from the domain Saint Cosme from Rhone valley. Our young ambitious team will be pleased to assist your choice of Sushi or grill speciality fitting with your wine.

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